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Messerschmitt Yachts is proud to be official sales partner for Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the CIS-states and is delighted to offer individual access to Zeelanders´s fleet.


Zeelander is a high-end boutique yacht brand specializing in sports cruisers up to 66 feet. Every Zeelander is made to order at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in the Netherlands. Limited yearly production ensures each vessel is crafted with exclusive care and attention, delivering a timeless work of art that embodies Zeelander’s rich heritage and contemporary style.

Zeelander’s journey started in 2002 when founder Sietse Koopmans set out on a mission to find the perfect day boat. One that represented the most refined form of taste and the art of living - but was also free of any noise and vibration.

Disappointed with the imagination of the market, Sietse poured his energy into making his vision a reality. Five years were invested in his relentless pursuit of perfection. Everything had to be curved, silent and with an exceptionally comfortable ride. In 2008, the Zeelander Z44 was born. And so a legacy of excellence began.

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Flowing lines. Contemporary design. An unmistakable silhouette. The Zeelander 5 is an evolution of the award-winning Z44. Enhanced practical features and improved performance fuse for an even faster, quieter ride.


Iconic lines. Masterful layout. Elegant design. For connoisseurs of life who know what it takes to create the very best. The Zeelander 6 is the embodiment of the perfect weekend getaway, where every soft, evocative curve welcomes a sense of ease.

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Lithe curves and elegant grace, soaring across the water, The Zeelander 7 is an iconic and enduring interpretation of the modern motor yacht - an evolution of timeless design. Zeelander’s flagship soothes the soul and caresses the senses.

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